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ReVU89 has spent the last year working as closely as we can with UDOT. We support the idea that improvements should be made along the 89 corridor. However, we do not support the SES and the process UDOT has used for this project.  People feel as if they do not have a voice. That government does not listen. But we believed that the best way to solve issues was to work with UDOT, not fight them. We have spent thousands of dollars and thousands of hours working to that end. But it seems our belief was misplaced.  Unfortunately, UDOT has shown us over, and over that, they do not care to listen. They have a plan, and that's that.  


We need to ask ourselves what we want our communities to look like; how do we want to live?  Infrastructure growth must be concerned with more than the speed at which commuters get from place to place. Or even short-term economic growth.  It should improve communities not divide them.  


This is how UDOT describes where it is currently planning to build a six-lane concrete and asphalt freeway;   "The route travels along the foothills of the Wasatch Front. Generally, only residential neighborhoods, orchards, and a few parks occur east of US-89 before reaching the Wasatch-Cache National Forest. West of US-89 is also compromised primarily of residential neighborhoods and parks." 


We believe that improvements to the US-89 corridor should fit into the context and placid location described by UTOD.  We think that the WFRC, UDOT, and local municipalities should not wait to implement more intelligent design and process in planning and to build what is right vs. what is easy.  Utah is a pioneering state, and we should pioneer a better way to handle traffic growth so that future Utahns will still say 'This is the place.”

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