Our mission is to influence and shape the smart improvement of U.S. Highway 89 with the long term betterment of our communities in mind.
  • Aesthetics
  • Capacity
  • Environment

We are an Association of resident’s from the cities of Farmington, Fruit Heights, Kaysville, Layton and South Weber. Our cities will be directly impacted by UDOT’s Highway 89 project.

We assert the following:

Residents have not had legitimate input in the UDOT process. As major stakeholders in this project, we deserve to have a real seat at the table. The final design should serve not only commuters and truckers, but especially the citizens and taxpayers who live in the corridor’s communities.

We DO support improving the Highway 89 corridor in our community, HOWEVER:

• UDOT’s current proposed Freeway Option is counter to the residential character of the corridor, adversely changing the character of our communities forever.

• Spending $366 million dollars of Utah Taxpayer dollars for service to improve only to a “C” rating is a waste of Utah residents’ money.

• The Purpose and Scope as stated in the Environmental Impact Study is too narrow and does not address the environmental, aesthetic, and quality of life concerns of the community.

• UDOT’s proposed Freeway Option does not solve the congestion problem; it simply creates a fast segment between two points of continuing congestion.

• We support studying and addressing the following issues FIRST

• Study & Improve I-84 itself, including the I-15 / I-84 interchange

• Address the bottle-neck at Weber Canyon. The proposed Freeway Option only makes that congestion worse.

• Address the I-15 congestion north of the Highway 89 interchange from Farmington through Layton. Without that, the I-15 congestion

will simply divert to Highway 89 .  

• I-15 should be widened first in any case, as it has been in other high growth areas.  

• Rapid transit alternatives were not adequately addressed, a glaring omission given worsening air pollution issues.

We invite all residents in the corridor to join us. Only in uniting can we ensure the

best outcome for our communities.


Po box 138, Kaysville, UT 84037-9998

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